Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Wraps

What is a vehicle wrap exactly?
A vehicle wrap is essentially a vinyl sticker that covers the body of your vehicle, completely or partially.
What is vehicle wrap advertising?
Wrap advertising is the marketing practice of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement, brand messaging or company’s information for the purposes of promoting its business to prospective customers and driving brand awareness. The aim of vehicle wrap advertising is essentially to have a mobile billboard. Wrap advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a company’s business, using vinyl sheets, which can be removed with relative ease, thus drastically reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements or running new campaigns.
Why should I wrap my vehicle in advertising?
Why not turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard that advertises your business to a huge audience, wherever they are, 24/7?
Vinyl wrap advertising offers one of the greatest returns on investment of any other form of advertising. Generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day, per vehicle and maximize brand awareness!
Unlike newspaper, radio, TV or even Google ads, a vehicle wrap is a one-time advertising expense that will pay for itself over and over again for 5+ years. According to a study by leading wrap material manufacturer 3M, you would have to spend over $130,000 on television ads to generate the same annual impressions of a wrap costing $3,500.
Whether you’re stuck in traffic on the 401, parked at the Vaughan Mills shopping mall or servicing a client in Markham, your vehicle is advertising for you – broadcasting your marketing message to prospective Toronto area customers.
Let the marketing experts at Wrap Werks install a vehicle wrap that drives business right to your door.
What are the benefits to vinyl wraps?
In addition to the advertising benefits listed above, vinyl wraps actually protect the original paint on your vehicle against chips, minor scratches and sun damage.
When it comes time to sell, remove the wrap to reveal a scratch-free surface that will increase the resale value of your car, van or truck. Vinyl wraps are also the perfect solution for leased vehicles. Custom paint jobs can’t compete against a vinyl wrap. A vinyl wrap costs less, requires less maintenance and repairs are much easier .
Custom vinyl wraps also allow for far more creative freedom when it comes to design as paint has limitations in terms of the artwork that can be produced.
Do vinyl wraps cause damage to the vehicle’s paint?
No. On the contrary, the vinyl will actually serve as a protective layer over the paint. This makes vinyl vehicle wraps ideal for leased vehicles. A vinyl wrap can also increase the resale value of your vehicle. Removal should always be done by a trained professional.
How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?
Once the design has been finalized and approved, we need about two days for printing and laminating. Most vehicles can be wrapped in one business day.
How much does a vehicle wrap usually cost?
Every vehicle is different. Cost depends on a number of factors including the amount of square footage to be wrapped, whether or not wrap design is required, etc. Contact Wrap Werks today for a free estimate on your vinyl vehicle wrap.
How does the vehicle wrapping process work?
Wrap Werks prides itself on professionalism. We start by providing you with a quote and once accepted, a dedicated Project Manager is assigned to your account. The Project Manager works with your company and our designer and installers to bring your wrap to life. From design through to printing and final installation, we make sure you drive away with a vehicle that makes a statement.
How long will the vinyl wrap last?
The short answer is anywhere from three to five years up to as many as 10 if installed by a professional vehicle wrap specialist like Wrap Werks. The lifespan of your vehicle wrap will depend on the quality of the vinyl and installation, the surface to which it is applied and the care given to maintenance.
Can I wash my vehicle after it’s been wrapped?
Yes, but please: Hand Wash Only. You must avoid high pressure hand held washers and car washes. They can cause peeling by driving water under the vinyl. We also recommend you wax your vehicle twice a year to maintain that ‘just-wrapped’ glow.
Will the sun fade the graphics?
No. Wrap Werks uses the highest quality 3M ControlTac wrap material, protecting against UV rays, high temperatures and even acid dew. Many of our vehicle wraps look as good in their 5th year as they did on their first day.
Can you wrap my vehicle if it has rust on it?
We generally avoid wrapping vehicles with rust. Vinyl has to adhere to the paint surface and therefore, paint must be secure on the vehicle. If you have concerns about your vehicle’s suitability for wrapping, come by and see us.
Will you work with our internal marketing department or external ad agency?
With over 30 years of marketing experience, Wrap Werks knows how to work with your design team to create an effective mobile advertising campaign. We can also provide templates to your designer to ensure they’re working with the right format. For those companies without the marketing resources, Wrap Werks’ talented and experienced marketing team is ready to step in.
What brand of wrap materials do you use?
At Wrap Werks, we only use premium grade 3M ControlTac and Hexis brand materials. We never cut corners where quality is concerned. It’s our promise to you.
What colours and finishes do you offer?
Choose from a large selection of over 50+ colours and textures, from racing stripes to animal print or even golf course turf. Pure Autographic’ vinyl wrap finishes include matte (a non-reflective finish), lustre (a slight shine) and gloss (a wet look).
Do I have to wrap the entire vehicle?
No! Wrap Werks offers quarter, half or partial vinyl wraps as well as die-cut graphics. However, a full wrap protects the paint underneath, increasing the resale value of your vehicle.
Do you offer warranties on your vehicle wraps?
Wrap Werks only uses the highest quality vinyl wrap materials and abides by all manufacturer warranties. We have the best vinyl wrap installers in the business and are pleased to offer a two-year warranty on installation, provided the vehicle has been properly maintained.
Do you offer perforated window graphics?
Yes! Perforated window graphics are typically installed on the rear window of a vehicle. They allow drivers to see out but block people from seeing in.
What types of vehicles do you wrap?
We can wrap everything from a Smart Car to a transport truck and trailer. Wrap Werks’ customizes sports cars, race cars, race haulers and trailers with tuner graphics. We turn tradesman vans & trucks, delivery vans & small tag-along trailers into mobile advertisements that sell.
Can you wrap our office windows?
Yes, we offer vinyl graphics for applications such as commercial and retail store windows. We can produce and install corporate logos and branding identification on doors, windows, pylon poles and back-lit signage. Be sure to ask us about in-store POP graphics for retail locations.